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Ocumetics Health Sciences Corporation (HSC) is a Canadian company, whose Executive consists primarily of eye doctors who work in conjunction with food scientists to formulate nutritional supplements that protect the integrity of the human eye, the central nervous system and the lining of the GI tract.  Anything that helps conserve or recover the integrity of these structures is of vital interest to Ocumetics HSC.


Ocumetics HSC is a sister company to Ocumetics Technology Corporation, the company that has developed Bionic Lens TM technology.  The Bionic Lens TM is the product of a 10-year scientific investigation that has culminated with the arrival of a highly versatile adaptive lens having a potential to restore un-compromised vision for all age groups and to enhance visual function through a myriad of life changing intraocular technologies; global demand being measured by tens of billions of dollars annually.   

On November 01, 2018, Ocumetics HSC was inducted as the Executor of the Celebration of Sight Endowment Fund, placing up to 25% of the dividends anticipated through sales of Bionic Lenses TM and other complimentary technologies under its direction.


As Executor of the Endowment Fund, Ocumetics HSC has established the 2020+ Campaign, in conjunction with its Nutrition Subsidy to help defray the cost of nutritional supplements within Canada.  These two entities constitute the foundation of a refreshing business model whereby the interests of consumers and professionals align, making them co-beneficiaries of the Celebration of Sight Endowment Fund.  The websites; www.celebrationofsight.com and www.ocumetics.com  convey the full scope of the plan.  

Canadian consumers that purchase Ocumetics HSC supplements online through the Retail  link above.are automatically registered with the Celebration of Sight Nutrition Subsidy.    After finalizing their purchases, consumers will be presented with a Referral Form requesting a four-digit Referral Code.  Filling out this form is optional, it simply allows Ocumetics HSC to identify the individual hosting their registration.

Prevention of degenerative disease is only one facet of the rational for fortified nutrition.  Just as the Bionic Lens TM can transform daily life through un-compromised eyesight, Ocumetics HSC’s objective is to transform daily life through vibrant health   HSC will continue to generate new products and practical information to educate and enhance the value position of its clientele.

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